Oracle Legal Services has successfully represented many clients who were charged with stunt driving. This charge is usually called “Racing”. Most  racing charges are issued because the driver of the motor vehicle has been caught traveling at 50 k/m or more above the posted speed limit.

You do not necessarily have to be racing another vehicle in order to be charged with stunt driving. Racing or Stunt Driving also can be categorized by action such as “squealing” your tires or trying to make an extremely dangerous maneuver. Once you have been charged with Stunt Driving you will immediately be issued a seven day roadside suspension of your drivers licence. Your vehicle will also be impounded for seven days, at your own expense.

Upon Conviction of Racing / Stunt Driving the Penalties are:

                ♦ 6 demerit points

                ♦ $2,000 - $10,000.00 fine

                ♦ A possible suspension of your driver’s licence for a period of no more than 2  years

                ♦ A possible term of imprisonment for up to 6 months

How can we help you beat a Stunt Driving Charges?

Oracle Legal Services will always strive to eliminate your charges entirely. If (OLS) is unsuccessful in eliminating the charges, (OLS) will negotiate with the prosecutor to protect your demerit points, protect your license from being suspended, and negotiate the lowest possible fine.

Oracle Legal Services is a paralegal firm and member of  the Law Society of Upper Canada. (OLS) provides services with the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality, and security for their legal representation.