Debt Recovery


Obtaining a judgment is often not the end of litigation. The debtors unwilling to abide by court orders can add significant expense and delay to creditors looking to enforce their rights. The Creditor should employ a legal firm that can expedite and minimize unnecessary undue delay of process. OLS has a proven track record of success with Debt Recovery Claims.   

Oracle Legal Services provides court representation in Small Claims Court and Specialize in debt recovery and collections. As such (OLS) goes after and collect unpaid debt or commercial receivables, whether it is an unpaid invoice for work or services done, NSF cheque, unpaid rent, or property that is owed to you. Furthermore, (OLS) completes the whole process by writing the Plaintiff’s Claim, attend settlement conference(s), run the trial, and then enforcement of judgments.

(OLS) also accepts contingency fees, (it means you pay, if "OLS" wins your case) flat fees, or combination of both, and hourly fee. After your free consultation, (OLS) can figure out which payment option is the best fit.