{Effective September 1, 2010}

 Type of  Accident  Benefit


 Minor Injury

 Non-Catastrophic  Impairment 

  Catastrophic Impairment

 Medical And  Rehabilitation




15, 16, 18&20  

 $3,500  Maximum-can  be increased to  $50,000 if there  is compelling  evidence that a  pre-existing  medical  condition will  prevent the  insured person  from achieving  maximal  recovery with  access to only  $3,500

 Maximum of $50,000 available  for 10 years or until the person  is 25 years old  

 Maximum of $1,000,000  available for life.

 Cast of  Assessments,  Examinations  And Preparing  Reports



 All fees and expenses for conducting assessments, examinations and preparing  report are to be paid out of medical and rehabilitation limits (excluding insurer  examinations and accounting reports for income replacement benefits)

Maximum Cost of Assessments And Examinations And Disallowing Future Care Reports



Absolute cap of $2,000 for fees and expenses associated with any assessment or examination, including the cost of preparing reports (and including insurer examinations), along with a prohibition on an insurer paying for a future care or similar plan

 In-Home  Assessments  And  Examinations



 Not Available



 Case Manager  Services



 Not Available

 Not Available

 Available  (paid out of   med/rehab   limits)

 Attendant  Care Benefits



 25(1)  (4),

 28 &  14.2

Not Available

 $3,000 per month maximum (total maximum of   $36,000) for up to 2 years post (as determined by  OT or RN)(was a total maximum of $72,000 on  who could complete a Form1)

 $6,000 per  month  maximum  (with a total  maximum of  $1,000,000)  for life as  determined  by OT or  RN) (was  no  restriction  on who  could  complete a  Form 1)




 Only for the portion of any distances over 50 Kms


 Housekeeping  And Home  Maintenance



 Not Available* (was available at $100 per week for 2 years 

 Maximum of  $100 per  week  available  for life

 Lost  Educational  Expenses



 Up to $15,000 Payable to those enrolled in school who are unable to continue  with their program

 Visitor’s   Expenses*


 Available to certain immediate family members for 2 years post  accident                                                                                                  

 Available  for life

 Damage to  Clothing*


 Reimbursement for damage family members for 2 years post accident

 Available  for life

 Death  Benefits *


 If fatality, $25,000 to spouse, $10,000 to supported former spouse and $10,000  per dependent  (or more if no spouse) **

 Funeral  Benefits *


 Paid up to a $6,000 maximum in case of fatality*

 Income  Replacement 


 6 & 7

 If unable to return to work, paid at 70% of gross income to a maximum of $400 per  week ** (not payable for first week and qualifying test changes at tow year  anniversary) (was paid at *0% of net)

 Non-Earner  Benefits


 If completely unable to carry on a normal life, paid at $185 per week and can be  paid at $320 per week 2 years post accident if enrolled in educational pursuits at  or shortly before the time of the accident (not available for first 26 weeks)

 Caregiver  Benefits *



 Not available*  (was available if substantially unable to engage in  caregiving activities at $250 per week for the first person in need  plus $50 per week all other persons in need of care- was available  after the 2 years anniversary only if the person suffered a complete  inability to carry on a normal life)                                                                        

 If  substantially  unable to  engage    activities,  available at  $250 per  week for  the first  person in  need of  care plus  $50 per  week for all  other  persons in  need of  care  (available  only after  the 2 year  anniversary  if the  person  suffers a  complete  inability to  carry on a  normal Life)