Wrongful Dismissal

Fired. Dismissed. Terminated. Laid-off. However you characterize it, losing your job can be a very stressful time. Before accepting any offer of compensation in lieu of notice, or the “cause” for your termination, seek legal advice. You may be entitled to significant financial compensation. If you have been terminated form your employment for any reason, contact Oracle Legal Services for a free confidential telephone consultation.

Do you think you been provided with reasonable notice? What about benefits? Are you entitled to that bonus? Will you be eligible for Employment Insurance? What if you don’t agree with the reason, or the “cause” that your employer relies on to dismiss you? What if your employer has not provided you with any notice to the termination of your employment?

Generally speaking, the employees accept pennies on the dollar base on their minimum entitlement, and not realizing that they are entitled to a greater compensation under common-law. Oracle Legal Services is specialized in Employment Law Practice with a proven track record of success and experience to help you with your employment matter.

Oracle Legal Services negotiates and recovers your statutory and common-law entitlements at the time of your dismissal from employment. A free half-hour consultation is provided to dismissed employees, offering useful information regarding your rights, entitlements, and responsibilities.

Oracle Legal Services applies in-depth knowledge and obtains cost effective results in cases where we settle your case out of court without incurring court fees and lengthy litigations.

Paralegal representation can maximize what you recover in order to assist with your transition into alternative employment. Matters are resolved by applying diplomacy through interest based negotiations before initiating any legal process, allowing you to focus on finding a new job, while keeping you informed and preserving your rights.

Contact Oracle Legal Services to consult with an Employment Law Paralegal before signing anything to ensure your fair severance.