Immigration and Refugees

Oracle Legal Services can help persons appearing before the Immigration and Refugee Board navigate the difficult and often frightening process with professionalism and sensitivity. An application before the Immigration and Refugee Board can have consequences that echo throughout someone’s entire life. Don’t take chances. Make sure you have professional legal representation.

The Canadian Immigration process is complex. You need to know deadlines, what forms to fills out, what to file and where. Simple mistakes can be potentially life altering. It is important to have someone knowledgeable to help you navigate the process of settling into your new home.

If you have already applied for an immigration status and had your application denied, there are still options. Any immigration decision may be challenged by way of Judicial Review in the Federal Courts. If the reviewer concludes the case was decided improperly it can be reevaluated by a new decision maker. You don't even need to physically be in Canada for this process.

It is within the scope of practice for paralegals licensed by the Law Society to represent applicants before the Immigration and Refugee Board. The drafting of documents or other legal services that are not related to an IRB hearing remain outside the Paralegal Scope of Practice.