Small Claims Court

If you receive a Statement of Claim from small claims court, it means someone is suing you for the reasons stated on the forms. How you respond to these forms will affect whether the person can collect the money that is claimed.

First, do not ignore a statement of claim. If you do not respond to a statement of claim, the plaintiff may win the case automatically when he or she appears before the judge. Second, read all the papers you receive very carefully to find out what the lawsuit is about and how long you have to respond.

If you do not agree with all or part of what is stated in the statement of claim, you can fight the lawsuit. To fight a lawsuit, you must fill out special form called a Statement of Defence. This form is available at the small claims court office or online. There are time limits for responding to the claim against you. Let one of our professional paralegal to defend you.

Oracle Legal Services can represent you in Small Claims Court litigation up to $35,000.00.